Sneaking onto the computer from the age of 7. Aged 13, cutting classes to mess around in the art room. Out on the streets at 15 with a spray can … it was obvious I was heading towards a life of design. 
Ever since I can remember, it’s been my passion. It’s also become my career as I work to develop the relationship between art and industry – and, in turn, develop the business of my customers.
 • Schillerska – Art and Design programme, 1999–2003
 • NTI – Media production and graphic design, 2005–2006
 • Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg – Graphic design and pre-media, 2007–2009
 • University of Kalmar – Web developing and interactive media, 2009–2009 
 • Prinfo Linderoths – Intern, 2007
 • Shout Advertsing – Graphic designer and art director assistant, 2008–2009
 • Sandberg Trygg – Designer, illustrator, digital specialist and art director assistant, 2010–2013
 • Freelance designer, illustrator and art director, 2013–present